AF Tell a Friend Plugin for WordPress, version 2.0

AF Tell a Friend version 2.0.2, WordPress Plugin. Compared to previous versions this one is improved, has more buttons (34) to get started immediately after installation, both buttons and submission window can be customised. Except that there are more smaller improvements. Free AF Tell a Friend plugin (encoded in ionCube) will be available starting from 9th June 2014.

The tell a friend plugin can be installed via FTP (directory upload) or by upload of plugin zip file via WordPress admin panel – the same way like any other plugin. Short code: [ af_tf_form ] (to use it remove spaces from square bracket), there is also widget generated automatically in widgets area of admin panel.

IMPORTANT: If you have installed SMTP plugin on your website and use AF Tell a Friend plugin, the sender field of the tell a friend email will be overwritten by SMTP auth settings – due to security precautions. It means that email receiver will get tell a friend message as sent by email set in SMTP panel.


  • installed ionCube loader (ask your web hosting support if you are not sure)
  • PHP versions 5.3, 5.4 or 5.5