E-commerce and Google Analytics

What has Google Analytics to do with E-Commerce? Answer is rather simple: the common connector here is human behaviour. Customers entering your website can buy a product or not. Their behaviour on website is essential for increasing sale. Google Analytics is very advanced tool not only for Search Engine Optimization but for analysis of customers behaviour on your website as well. The only thing needed to get some information about customers flow on a website is to insert Google Analytics code into head part of every web page. Google system process the information and uses graphic representation with suitable numeric information to show flow of users from one page to another one.

Even basic analysis of customers’ movement between pages can help to improve customers experience. Some conclusions can be obvious just after first look at Google Analytics graph. However further improvement of conversion rate on a website is possible with usage of statistical analysis or Artificial Intelligence support. Artificial Intelligence based on neural networks helps to find hidden relations between different parts of a system. We could say that AI is able to recognize something which is difficult to recognize at first approach. Standard and widely known task for AI is pattern recognition, like it this example below:

Artificial Intelligence – Hopfield Network in Pattern Recognition

However AI can be used in analysis of most systems where scientific approach and analysis as such are possible, and E-commerce online application – for instance a shopping cart –  is an example of such system.